Empower Your Evolution

socially direct commentary on attitudes and choices in lifestyle, health and health care


“The core epidemic at the root of all lifestyle-caused disease epidemics is a decades long apathy about health. In order to rout this apathy, a shift in lifestyle priorities and thinking will have to be forced by policy changes in various health care sectors including insurance. Health must be a daily top priority. Wellness must become a lifestyle. Living in Well Being must be the quality of health and life aspired to. Contrary to popular thinking, Well Being is not a destination or achievement and far more than being free of symptoms and illness. Well Being is about living in your best quality of health. It’s about rising above the status quo lifestyle and apathy toward healthy living, establishing proactive changes in your lifestyle, and, in your approach to and concept of health and health care, to empower Well Being. Empower Well Being, empower your evolution.”

– Dr. David W. Robinson