Roy Family Civil Action in Response to Michelle Carter Trial Outcome

The attorney for the Roy family in the Michelle Carter case has stated that the Roy’s are not a vindictive family and simply wish to memorialize their son, Conrad Roy, in order to help other suffering teens in his name. But slapping a multi-million dollar civil litigation on a 20 year old, who, I assume, has little in the way of liquid assets and will undoubtedly bear lifetime financial hardship should the civil penalty be imposed, seems and appears quite counter to his statement.

If they truly wish to live up to their attorney’s statement to help other young people in their son’s name, they must find the money to memorialize their son in a far more positive way. One of the best routes is to write that book, perhaps a movie, and use the proceeds to assist other young people in the name of their son. These actions are far more uplifting and far reaching and will have lasting positive effects.

As much as the Roy’s are in extreme emotional pain, they must dig deep to find forgiveness and thus peace, and move forward with this positive agenda. Refusing to do so and remaining entrenched in angst with the agenda of this civil litigation is only sentencing themselves to far more misery than what they will have to live with should they take the high road in order to see their positive objectives come to fruition. It is also for their own health.

Living with such extreme negative emotions constantly on a day to day basis sends a continual stream of the powerful hormone Cortisol riffling through the body. Cortisol is a hormone that, although necessary in some circumstances, short term, when sent through the body often enough in high levels on a continual basis, can cause a multitude of nasty ailments, shredding one’s health to pieces, causing a level of poor health that is debilitating and there is no return from.

If nothing else, the Roy’s, for their own psychological, emotional and physical well being should research the negative effects of Cortisol, and the come to the realization that a far greater and better path should be taken to secure the funds necessary to memorialize their son and to help other young people to realize how precious their lives are and all that they have to be grateful for, no matter what.


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