David Robinson
A native of New Bedford Massachusetts, David earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Bridgewater State College (University) in Bridgewater Massachusetts, and a D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) degree from Life University, in Marietta Georgia.
He has also earned national certification as a personal trainer from the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in Sherman Oaks California.
After chiropractic school, David received his licence as a chiropractor in Massachusetts and set up private practice in New Bedford. Early on he chose to establish a Vitalistic-based (wellness) practice.
David maintained a wellness based practice throughout his career, with his later practices in Plymouth and Peabody Massachusetts. He has also worked as a staff chiropractor in a large practice in Boston.
In addition to his practice in Plymouth, David also worked as an independent contractor personal trainer at fitness centers in Pembroke and Plymouth, and as a contracted personal trainer for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council’s police cadet physical training program.
Later, David spent time in San Diego CA working as a personal trainer and staff member along side some the the industry’s top trainers and exercise instructors at the time, at the former Frog’s Athletic Club of Solana Beach.
While practicing in Peabody MA, David did in-home personal training for private clients in the lower North Shore area as well.
After 15 years as a chiropractor and 9 years as a personal trainer, he put his professions aside to step up to assist in the full time care-taking of a parent with dementia/Alzheimer’s.
Several years later, David returned to personal training, working with private clients at their homes throughout the South Coast of Massachusetts and as a personal trainer and staff member at the Newport County YMCA in Rhode Island.
Since its opening in 2014, David has been a staff member and personal trainer at the Dartmouth YMCA Healthy Living Center, a beautiful boutique style fitness center. He also makes In-home personal training available to a limited number of clients, as well as advising on exercise/fitness and healthy eating. David also offers 30 minute talks for groups, conventions, meetings, churches, events, seminars on what to do to begin to Empower Your Well Being which is based on KISS (keep it simple) and DIGS (do it gradually).
At 57, Dave still engages in 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise, as he has for the last 36 years, with a love for outdoor activities. Visit to learn more.